Other Goods

  • Kombucha
    • Health-Ade
    • ​​GT's
  • Lux Chocolates
  • Macaronbar Macarons
  • Milroy Farm’s Maple Syrup
  • ​Millie's Ice Cream
  • Pallet Farms Skin Products
  • PGH Candles
  • Wild Rose Lip Balm

We strive to offer the highest quality locally produced fare and specialty goods. Many items are unique to the Laurel Highlands and are obtained at great difficulty. Stop by for an awesome brew and browse our retail corner during your next visit! See you on the mountain!

silver horse coffee


  • Brewed 2 Burn Candles​​
  • Bristol's Farm Jams
  • Casey's Krunch Granola
  • Coffee Bags
  • Coffee Beans
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Crimson Creek Honey
  • Goverre Wine Glasses
  • Hydro Flasks
  • KeepCups